Fair Planning for Noe Valley


Unless You Help

Under the guise of "more affordable housing," City Hall is on the brink of tossing out the zoning code for many areas in Noe Valley.

Do you want the property next door or in back of you to be leveled and replaced by a four- or five- or six-story block building? For many pockets in the Noe - and we're not just talking about 24th Street - that will be possible. And this may be just the beginning!

It's a deeply flawed plan that only promises to displace families and small businesses, destroy the character of the neighborhood, take away your rights, and sell off our well-being and quality of life. And it can't promise any significant increase in affordable housing!

"Build baby, build" seems to be some bureaucrats' only solution to complex housing issues. Do you want a group of junior-league Donald Trumps setting our community's housing policy?


On January 28, San Francisco's Planning Commission is scheduled to adopt an "Affordable Housing Density Bonus Plan." Even the City's own justification starts by admitting the dubiously named progam, "...provides incentives for developers..."

An excellent summary of what in reality is a handout to developers appears in a recent 48 hills article, "Plan that could lead to massive displacement moves forward, quietly"


There's no way to know how far this program will spread. Every resident in Noe Valley stands to be affected to various degrees. Areas now in the City's gunsights are shown on its Program Web Map. (The map's a bit clunky and may take a moment to load.)

Here are just a few potential effects:

And who knows were it will end???


At this point, with time running short, we must weigh in with the Planning Commission and influence them to:

- Either delay the program adoption so that it can be revised
- Or exempt Noe Valley entirely.


Email, write, or even call the Planning Commissioners. Tell them that you don't want the program to go forward. There's been inadequate public notice. The program has not been thought out fully. In its present form, the program will not reach its goals!
Talk to your neighbors. Get them to act! Help spread the word.
Attend the January 28th meeting in City Hall, and SPEAK UP!

The decision is scheduled to be made:

Thursday, January 28
at 12:00 p.m.
in the Commission Chambers
Room 400, City Hall

The Commissioners mailing addresses are:
San Francisco Planning Commission
Attention: J. P. Ionin, Secretary
1650 Mission St., Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please be sure to copy any correspondence to Protect Noe's Charm!

Here's a sample letter:

Subject: Density Bonus Program

Greetings President Fong and fellow Commissioners:

I am (we are) requesting that Noe Valley be either exempted from this program entirely or that its adoption be postponed until serious questions on its impacts are resolved.

Please consider:

The proposal has not yet been promoted sufficiently such that there is a majority awareness and all concerned citizens may speak to its impacts.
In its present form, it cannot reasonably guarantee any significant increase in affordable housing stock and could, in fact, displace a great number of our neighbors without any promise that they will have a home here in the future.
It removes individual projects from an established public input processes.
It stands to undermine the fundamental qualities of our neighborhood, as well as much of our City.

While we recognize that there may be certain larger sites near us (such as a proposal for the former Real Foods store on 24th Street) which could be put to better use, there are far too many smaller lots that would be subject to this program. And while we expect some changes along 24th Street, this program is far too extreme when looked at the overall neighborhood context.

We think that this rezoning needs much further study and should be folded into any study of the issues of affordability, transportation, infrastructure, public safety, preservation, and quality of life.

While we recognize that the affordability issue is complex and severe, it should not be solved by fundamentally changing the character of long-established and vibrant neighborhoods.

Thank you.

The members of the Planning Commission are:

President Rodney Fong -
Cindy Wu -
Michael Antonini -
Rich Hillis -
Christine Johnson -
Kathrin Moore -
Dennis Richards -

Again, please be sure to copy any correspondence to Protect Noe's Charm!

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