Noe Valley Homes

We are Noe Valley residents committed to preserving
the scale, well-being, and character of our neighborhood.

  • We assist our neighbors in asserting their rights.
  • We support neighborhood development protections.
  • We facilitate neighborhood dialog to raise awareness, share ideas, and set direction.
  • We meet with elected and appointed officials, representatives of various neighborhood associations, development professionals, and others to ensure common understanding and achieve consensus.
  • We research, assess, and publicize development trends.
  • We gather intelligence, write letters, attend meetings, and support our neighbors in addressing individual projects.

Hundreds of Noe Valley neighbors actively have shown their support.  But WE NEED YOU!  Our strength and our voice is in our number.  Won’t you help the Noe Neighborhood Council and ensure fair planning in Noe Valley?  Let us hear from you.